Nico (vilakins) wrote,

In Oamaru but not home yet

We got here two nights ago, but our furniture should arrive today. In the meantime we're in the Bookbinder's Retreat, a tiny but cosy place. We spent most of yesterday cleaning the house. Empty houses are a bit sad, look smaller than they are, and show all their flaws without contents to distract. I will have to paint all the things but not right away.

The weather is like it was last August when we were down here: clear and sunny during the day so you can eat at outside cafe tables and enjoy the warmth, but almost freezing (two degrees above) at night. I will need to unpack all my woollies when our stuff gets here.

If it does, tomorrow will be madly unpacking and setting up the minimum for our comfort and the cats' welcome to their new home; we pick them up at Dunedin Airport on Friday morning. I can't wait to see them, though I'\\we've quickly made friends with Noisel* (I think that's the spelling going by how Michael says it), a magnificent and very friendly tabby who visits our garden. I hope he and our cats get on well.

* Michael said it was predictive text for "mongrel", though I'm not sure how. It doesn't seem to be a word.

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