Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ashley is 8

We're not sure when Ashley's birthday is, but we celebrate it on 1 May. She's the oldest of the three by a couple of months, though she seems the youngest, being so small (3kg), soft, playful, and kittenish.

Ashley standing on her tail on a windowsill. She's the only cat I've known who does that. She wraps her tail around herself and deliberately places first one front paw, then the other. I love the stripes between each toe.

A ball of Ashley on our bed

She's fascinated by the printer. When we print anything, she runs in, jumps up onto the shelf where the printer is, and watches curiously. (Yes, those are Big Bang Theory bobbleheads).

Another one of Ashley sleeping. She's extra cute when she puts her paw over her eyes. :-)

When I come home, she runs to meet me, then rolls over to let me rub her tummy. She goes very silvery outside in the sunlight.

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