Nico (vilakins) wrote,

All clear


I went to see the surgeon yesterday for a follow-up appointment and what they took out was completely OK. So, yes, they didn't have to do the surgery, but it was the only way to find out.

I can't go back to the gym for another couple of months but apparently Pilates is OK. I'll have to look for somewhere around here.

Basically I feel pretty much back to normal except for the scars and muscles needing to heal completely. As for the move, we're making plans at last. We've contacted a guy to do the floors before we move (pull up all the tired old carpets, sand, and treat the wooden floors. I wanted to use oil but if there's any evidence of borer due to the age of the house (1928), it'll have to be polyurethane. We also need to get the kitchen completely gutted and a new one put in, and for that I'll probably go down for a week or so and stay next door at the Bookbinders Retreat - yes, Michael really is one. Our property is to the left of that with an equally lovely and extensive garden and views.

Bloody annoying

I am so pissed off with our bastard neighbour. A couple of years ago he cut the lovely high hedge by the shared driveway down to about knee-height exposing the ugly garages of the college flats next door. We asked him to let them grow and maybe let us look after them because of the huge effect on property values (including his) and I really thought that would get to him as he's a mercenary bugger. But no, the hedges were cut right back again yesterday. He will no longer get to use our garden bags or our big flexi-bag rubbish thingy bought for the declutter. If he says we said he could, I shall reply that as he ignored our wishes, we'll ignore his. Also, no more computer help, you swine. Roll on Oamaru where we won't have to share any driveways or access with annoying neighbours. BTW he's the one with the wife I will run to avoid because she tries to sell stuff from her weird pyramid scheme whose name I can't remember. Ugh.


In other news, I have about three weeks to write 5 trope bingo stories. I could actually do a whole line of 5 tropes in one fic but that doesn't count unless you've already done 5 fics. Damn. I'm still shilly-shallying about which line to pick.

And that baby blanket. Good: the colours are perfect. Bad: With one (very long) round to go, then the I-cord bind off, I ran out of both colours and had to order more.

Good cup of tea needed. Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comment count unavailable comments.
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