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I should have posted before this but I haven't been online much at all.

The op went well on Thursday, being keyhole to my relief. I spent the rest of the day and night in the high-dependency unit as my blood pressure was so low, then was moved to my room on Friday. These days they get you eating and out of bed almost right away, and walking bigger distances around the hallways each day. I was so much better by Sunday morning, they sent me home. I knew all that weight training would pay off!

The food was delicious, all cooked to order, but why do hospitals serve margarine to spread on toast? I refuse to eat that ghastly artificial crap. That's my only reservation though. The nurses were just lovely, all from different places like China, Ireland, the Philippines, Denmark, India...

So now I'm up and out of bed just about all day, taking mild painkillers when needed. For some reason I have a sore lower back, maybe because I'm using different muscles for support. I have to say, every day I feel better than the last. Not that my appetite's come back properly yet.

imhilien, thanks so much for the cute card with a knitted Gromit on it! OK, I know according to the card he's called Boofle, but he's Gromit to me!

I've read several books and done a bit more on the baby blanket, but so far no writing as I'm just taking it very easy. Re the books, if you like fantasy, do check out Brian McClellan's Powder Mage trilogy which I am sad to have finished. It's a well-thought-out world with characters I really cared about and was sorry to say goodbye to.

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes!

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