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The return of my Sherlock speculation

We just watched the Sherlock special and it was as superb as I expected. Excellent stuff!

And it's led me to reanimate an old idea.

Before Moriarty turned up, I speculated that Molly was Moriarty because Sally is short for Sarah, Cally for Caroline, Tel for Terence, Molly for Mary - and perhaps Moriarty.

I gave up on this when a male Moriarty turned up, but now that Sherlock is saying that he is indeed dead, but that an invisible army - half the world - is at war and will win, I have to wonder if I was right after all. Is Molly behind the Moriarty we saw?

Not that I'll know till 2017 apparently. But I'd love to know what others think (so comments may well be spoilery).

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