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Weathery weather

OK. Now I'm even more pissed off. There was a massive thunderstorm here yesterday and it appears to have taken out my mail ISP--I'm glad we use a different one for web access. So if I haven't replied to any e-mails or comments, it's because I'm not getting any mail at my usual addy.

I get very nervous during thunder storms. Our house is at the top of a hill (probably volcanic, most of them in Auckland are, over 70 of them) and one of those thunderclaps shook it yesterday.

Also lightning-balls aren't exactly unknown here. One rolled right over my grandfather when he was a teenager (so obviously he survived). He was out in a field when the storm struck, and saw the ball coming right for him. Sensibly he flung himself down and it passed over him. It felt tingly and he had slight burns on his skin and shirt from the metal bits on his braces. Every so often, balls roll through houses here, taking out the electrics. A house got hit yesterday in fact, but I think that was an ordinary (hah!) bolt. Took out all their gear including lights, and terrified their kitten. There was a cute shot on the news of the dear little thing cuddled in the daughter's arms.

I truly fear lightning, gales, tornadoes, earthquakes and other things I have no control over--only while they're happening, I might add. I don't lose sleep over what might happen. Greg however enjoys what he calls 'really weathery weather'. I half-expect him to applaud.
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