Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Spring flowers and cats about to spring

Our bedroom is 26C, even with the windows wide open since I get home, and too hot to sleep in right now so I decided to do the first of my planned picspams in the hopes that it'll cool down.

These photos were taken in late October/early November so yes, they've been languishing on my HD waiting to be cropped and resized etc. I am slack.

10 springy photos

A tree next to our office which was covered in bright pink flowers. I thought it was stunning but no one else noticed it till I pointed it out.

Rhododendrons, right? I've never seen so many on one little tree.

Another view.

ashley cominatya
Ashley was sitting on the sundial in our garden and looking cute, but when I tried to take a photo she rushed the camera. She's out of focus but I like the shot anyway.

seb approach
Sebastian sauntering away from the sundial. Sprawled at its base is one of his favourite places to be. Now it's summer I usually find him there in the shade when I got home.

A vireya, a tropical rhododendron. It's in a terracotta pot I'll have to smash to get it out of to plant it where it can grow better.

ashley in wait
Ashley lying in wait... (I love her stripy paws!)

Seb noticing
... to pounce on Sebastian who knows she's there.

cat standoff
Feline standoff. In the end they both strolled unconcernedly away. Those two really are good friends; I usually find them together in the garden.

hammock view
And finally a view I took from our hammock. :-D The red things aren't pohutukawa but bottlebrush (or callistemon if you want the proper name).

Next up: the airshow. Maybe even this week.
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