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LJ, DW, and a weird pancake meal

I saw this on FaceBook: 10 signs you were obsessed with LiveJournal. Only numbers 1 (You bought a premium account just so you could have more icons), 8 (You had a love/hate relationship with image hosting sites), and 10 (Your LJ friends became real friends - YESSS!) really applied to me. #8 still does apply to Dreamwidth. Having to resize, upload, then link photos is a right pain and one of the reasons I keep putting it off, so I've decided I'll restrict pic-heavy posts to LJ because of sheer galloping laziness. Even though it will store said pics on LJ's execrable Crapbook.

In other news it's back to work tomorrow and this is very depressing, also because the offices aren't air-conditioned and it's very hot very early in summer; usually this sort of heat is February weather. Plus my work laptop's solid state drive went belly up just before the break, Greg thinks because of the heat, but surely they're used in hotter countries than this. Anyway, it'll take me a while to get the rebuilt laptop back to the way I like it. At least I had a daily backup.


imhilien and I went to see The Hobbit: Battle of 5 Armies in 3D this morning, me for the second time. Not enough Bilbo but I have to say I love the 3D. Afterwards we went for lunch and decided to have pancakes. "But I don't want eggs or bacon," I said, regarding the listing with misgivings:

From memory: Pancakes with scrambled eggs, bacons (sic), banana, maple syrup, ice cream, cream.
Most of the brunch items had bacons. :-P

imhilien was sure they were just options, but nope. I asked for banana with no bacon, and got the puzzled question, didn't I want the scrambled eggs? In the end we got our sweet pancakes plus some nice boysenberry preserve, but seriously, who would eat such a strange taste mishmash?
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