Nico (vilakins) wrote,

What I've done and am about to do

Yes, I've been slack. Slack all round about posting, writing, you name it.

Work's been a bit fraught lately and today was worse than usual. The run-in I had with a colleague about her rudeness got, as always, turned back on me. Sigh. Note to self: It's always my fault. Second note: keep feelings to yourself. Not doing so will never work out.


Things I have yet to post:
  • all the lovely spring photos I took (even though it's now summer, i.e. hot and sticky if mostly grey)
  • photos from the air show two weeks ago which was on a gorgeous summer's day
  • photos from the very cool upholstery course I went on last Sunday
And tonight I'm off to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 12:01am, yes, one minute past midnight which is the first public showing in the world. As usual we'll be in the luxury cinema and will order food and coffee to be delivered to our adjustable leather reclining seats. A pity the dragon earring I ordered hasn't turned up yet.

In the meantime I have to catch up with OUaT.

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Tags: lotr, real life
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