Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Days 22, 23, and 24

Day late, but hey. I was too full of new DW last night.

Day 22
I decided to have a play with the nature brushes in Artrage. I painted a simple hill, sea, and sky with clouds, then used the special grass, tree, flower, and seagull brushes to add stuff. For fellow NZers, I even used the wheat brush to put toe-toe (pronounced toi-toi) in on the left. :-D

Day 23
The topic was "summer fun" - something I long for in midwinter - so here's a simple depiction of holidayness.

Day 24
Since I already did Jasmin (the cat on the mat), here are my other two cats, Ashley and Sebastian. And let me tell you, tabbies are incredibly hard to do; I spent ages blending Ashley's fur and trying (and failing) to get her face to look like hers, while Sebastian was dead easy.

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Tags: art making month 2014
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