Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Days 10, 11, and 12

Yep, another three days bite the dust.

Day 10
The topic I picked was "favourite sweet (UK) / candy (US)". For once I do have a clear favourite: Indian barfi, a milk-based confection. (OK, unfortunate name, but it comes from the Persian for snow.) I love this stuff so much, it's lucky I can't buy it easily; the local Indian market doesn't have it often. Drawing it however made me long for some and look up easy recipes (easier than the traditional boil-milk-for-hours method anyway) and I've found some that I'll try out.

Day 11
The topic was "breakfast" so it was nice and easy. I only do cooked brekkies in the weekend and as it was Monday, it was the usual weekday coffee-flavoured protein drink: quick and yummy. The pale blobs at the top are failed attempts to draw bubbles the light was shining through. The glass has an interesting texture at the bottom but I failed at that too. The star brush at least gives an idea there's something there.

Day 12
And today's topic was meant to be "random Facebook friend" but no way was I going random and maybe getting someone people on LJ or DW might know. So I picked a friend I know well in RL too (she lives in the next suburb) and who has nothing to do with LJ, DW, or even fandom. And yes, her hair is that blonde (which fits her German surname well).
Done with PS brushes. The background is several passes with a transparent leaf brush in different colours which worked surprisingly well as a vague background. I tried to do a pattern on her dress but gave up and went for general swirliness.

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