Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Days 4, 5, and 6

LJers, I only just realised that days 1, 2, and 3 didn't get cross-posted. It's there now if you want to see a selfie, a cat on a mat, and a footballer.

Now for the next three days.

Day 4
The challenge was to draw something in 87 seconds. A strange number; why not 90? So I draw some big glass beads I haven't yet done anything with, well under the 87 seconds, but I took more time to add the colours. Maybe 5 minutes in all.

Day 5
The topic was "weapon", and as I actually have one, I drew my replica Roman sword in its scabbard. It's a copy of one found in a centurion's tomb, and I wear it when being a re-enactor with Legio II Augusta. Yep, it's the old gradient in the background again. The carpet's actually a crappy dark brown; green looks so much better.

Day 6
Today I went out after work to a birthday dinner, so this is another fairly fast one. The topic's "clothes", so it's chibi me in what I'm wearing (minus the scarf now I'm home). It's winter here (see icon) and today's cold so I had layers:
  • long green tank under teal jersey under purple jacket
  • black leggings under black cotton cargoes
  • a turquoise pashmina scarf that [personal profile] kerravonsen gave me [loves]
  • black shoes
  • socks striped in green, turquoise, magenta, and white. They're only visible when I'm sitting but I had to draw them too.

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