Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Jasmin is 6

It's Jasmin's 6th birthday today; it really doesn't seem that long since we got her. It was also Ashley's 6th in May but I never got round to posting, so here are photos of them both, taken over the last few months.

There was tuna for all three. :-)

Jasmin and Ashley

"I'm just as plush!" Yes, you are, Jasmin.
The top shelf holds a lot of nerdy stuff. Just in this shot you can see Dusty from Planes, a Spitfire, Bender from Futurama (Jasmin knocked him over on his face), and Obelix from Asterix the Gaul (I also have Asterix, Julias Caesar, and a centurion).

Jasmin watching the World Cup. I never managed to snap her trying to catch the players.

On the garden gate.

Ashley on the same gate, but taken from the garden side.

Ashley's impression of a nautilus.

Ashley asking for a cuddle (and getting it shortly afterwards). She's on my reading chair, and in fact is there right now, curled into a ball and fast asleep.

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