Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Gone Forever

Yeah, I know, I have to get more up-to-date with these b7friday cross-posts.

Last week's topic was trust so I wrote a sequel to Friendship After All. Set PGP, 200 words.

Gone Forever

"All right, keep your wits about you in the town," Vila said, opening the airlock.

"Yes, well. One of us should." Avon looked down his nose at Vila. "And you appear to have lost most of yours."

Vila grinned as he lowered the ramp. It was almost the old Avon back again these days; you could see by his eyes. Nice to have him talking again too. "Just watch it, that's all. You grew up in the Alpha levels; you don't know what to look out for."

"I rather think I do. People like you." Avon smiled suddenly. A real smile, like after that Ultraworld business, not one of those crocodile ones. Vila returned it. "However, forewarned is forearmed." Avon reached for the gun.

Vila was quicker. "Not so fast, Avon. That's mine." He holstered it carefully.

"And I thought you disliked guns."

"I do. I like them less in your hands."

Avon stood still for a moment, his eyes dark with pain.

Vila sighed. "Come on, mate," he said gently. "I hear they've got ice-cream here."

Dammit, didn't he know? You could forgive someone and be friends with them again, but once trust was gone, it was gone forever.

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