Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Another storm

Last night Auckland was lashed by the worst gales in 40 years, up to 145kph - and I managed to sleep through most of it (with the help of earplugs, admittedly). I'm glad I did as I'd have been lying there rigid with nervousness about living on the top of a hill.

Trees came down, houses were damaged, they even closed the harbour bridge for a time because a truck and trailer were blown over and the bridge was swaying too much, and 90,000 houses (according to the latest report) in the area lost power. I'm glad to say we were fine; I've woken up before a tree in the driveway which had to be cleared before I could get the car out.

Photos here.

Today however was amazingly sunny and calm, though I had to negotiate fallen branches and wheelie-bins as I walked to work. Then in the afternoon the power went off for the whole suburb with no explanation - it can't have been weather - and when my laptop battery gave up, I was released early. Bonus!

I might even have done some writing.

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Tags: real life, weather
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