Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Betrayals

Last week's b7friday challenge was to start with one of astrogirl2's first lines. Set after 'Rumours of Death', 200 words.


There was a knock on Avon's door. Who else would that be but Cally? He waited, and when after a short pause there was another, he sighed and unlocked it.

"Vila? Learning some social graces?"

"Didn't know if you wanted to see anyone, did I?" Vila held a bottle and two glasses. "Another corpse reviver?" When Avon didn't answer, he went on, "I might understand, you know. Ever wondered how a thief as good as me got caught?"

Another time, Avon might have used that as a springboard to an insult. "You weren't." He stood aside and let Vila in.

"Nah. So I know how it feels." Vila put the bottle and glasses on Avon's table. "Don't worry, I won't talk about it. I'd prefer to forget it myself. Just thought you might like a bit of company."

To his surprise, Avon found he did, as long as it was unassuming and accepting Vila. Regarding the bottle of virulent green liquid, he said, "I rather think I can do better than that." As he got out the bottle of Lindor brandy he had put aside for a happier occasion, he felt suddenly superior to Anna. He'd never betray a friend.

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