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A storm in a teacup

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post. Rather than reply to you each saying much the same thing, here an update.

Cyclone Lusi, despite the scaremongering on the news for the last few days and even last night, wasn't at all bad here in Auckland. There was only a third the expected rainfall and we've experienced stronger winds, though Greg said that when he went out for Indian tonight and started to open the car door, the wind almost sucked the door out of his grip. A friend once had her car door damaged and almost ripped off like that. It's still windy tonight but really, despite some trees down, it's a fairly standard storm and steadily getting weaker.

As for my finger, I half cut the top off and it started bleeding copiously again when I changed the sticking plaster last night. I put a really tight one on and it was OK today at the gym (though I didn't do the biceps pull-down) and salon, but I wasn't happy about it so I went to the local White Cross medical centre. The triage nurse said that mandolins should be banned (though I've had that thing at least 12 years and this is the first accident). The doctor said I should have come in last night but that it should heal up nicely.

Then another nurse gave me a tetanus shot and cleaned the finger and put a huge, intricate, bulbous dressing on it (Greg says it looks like the end of a ray gun), chatting away all the time about what she was doing. She had a button reading "Not all autistic people are quiet. Some can't stop talking." I asked her if she knew someone autistic, and she said, "Me, but Asperger's to be exact." We had a chat about obsessions; I admitted to fandom, and she said hers was wound management - and she did a bloody (umm...) good job too so it's more useful than mine. Then we talked about how pedantic we both get about word use and grammar, and she said she once refused to go to a nurses' party because the invitation read "Your invited". A woman after my own heart, says the one who has sometimes corrected signs in passing.

I have to go back on Monday for a new dressing (I hope I get the same nurse), but I now feel much happier about the whole thing. I'm also buying a kevlar glove for future kitchen chopping and slicing - thanks for the suggestion, executrix!

Thanks again for your concern, lovely people.

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