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Cyclone Lusi

I was telling Astro about this and thought maybe I should actually post because it's been weeks.

Tonight I sliced my finger to the bone on what's weirdly called a mandolin. I've had the thing for over 10 years, used it heaps, and haven't done it before. Not a pretty sight.

Neither is the huge cyclone (this hemisphere's name for a hurricane) is due to arrive tonight or tomorrow. It's already killed 3 people in Vanuatu and is now lashing Northland. There've been all these extreme weather warnings and admonitions not to make unnecessary journeys but I have to go to the gym tomorrow, then get my hair cut (it's hard to get Saturday appointments so I can't reschedule) when I'd much rather stay home safe and dry (and possibly cowering). We live on a ridge and it's breezy at the best of times.

Oh joy.

I found however that I can type which is good because I thought I really should get round to writing the trope bingo stories in my head.

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