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Linkety links

I don't have much to say about my life as it's very humdrum and samey and I can't even easily go anywhere interesting unlike most of you. However I've accumulated some links for you.

Two Auckland cats
Merli has decided in his old age to move to a bus stop.
Oscar the cat burglar nicks socks, even from kids' shoes at the local school at playtime.

Alice X Zhang does gorgeous fanart: Virtuoso, Study in Pink, Ghosts (Sherlock and John). There are more, plus art for Doctor Who and other fandoms in her gallery.
And Nichola Battilana put the 221B living room in a tiny tin. There's even a minuscule skull.

Star Wars
I want this for my car, even if  the decals don't go with the LIBR8R numberplate. There are some other good ones linked in the customers also bought section.

Star Trek
TOS cats. Only three, but hey.

Elena Shumilova lives on a farm in Russia and takes lovely, atmospheric photos of her children with animals.

Beach art
Andre Amador does beautiful and intricate  beach art with a rake.

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