Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Trope bingo again!

I'm doing [community profile] trope_bingo again as it was responsible for about half the fic I wrote last year, and made me write things I wouldn't normally have.

Here's my card. Strangely, unlike last time, I've already written the majority of these over the years. I'll have to try to avoid as many of those as I can or think up new twists. At first glance I think I'll go for one of the three rows branching from the top right corner as they seem to contain a decent number of untried tropes.

power dynamics forbidden fruit holidayfic au: college / highschool language and translation
rivals to lovers time travel mind games futurefic fork in the road
telepathy / mindmeld hurt / comfort FREE

curtainfic fake relationship
soul bonding / soulmates sex pollen celebratory kiss au: fairy tale / myth presumed dead
au: fusion epistolary au: supernatural character in distress kidfic

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Tags: trope bingo
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