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Sherlock: The Empty Hearse

I've been looking forward to this for so long, and it was fun!

I expected Sherlock to just show up, not be rescued from Serbia by Mycroft, because the Many Happy Returns webisode showed him getting closer to London as he worked his way across Europe from Tibet. Or was all that in the fevered imagination of Anderson turned nutter fan in a copy of John's jersey? Or did the Serbian thing happen after that?

Poor Watson when Sherlock let so many others into the secret. He never said, but I suppose he wanted obvious and open grief. And then Lestrade hugs Sherlock when I thought he was going to slug him too.

I guessed the Underground part of the network fairly early on. "Ha!" I yelled when Sumatra Street got a mention, "Lord Moran is the Giant Rat of Sumatra!"

The first explanation of Sherlock's survival was seriously OTT and after all a bungee and a broken window would be noticed, but that was Anderson again. The second, the Sherlock/Moriarty slash one, was very funny. The third was very, very close to quarryquest's theory, complete with ball under the armpit. But was that the real one, or something John was thinking about as he waited for the explosion, or Sherlock playing with Anderson? Sherlock after all hasn't told John all his 13 possibilities yet, or which one he chose.

Who is Glasses Guy at the end, and what did he hope to prove by putting John in a bonfire and then giving out all those clues? Surely he already knew Sherlock and Mary cared, so what else has he discovered? And was he connected with Moran and his bomb?

There's another one this weekend; yay! I wish they did more than three in a season.

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