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What I wrote in 2013

I don't usually do this but I wrote more than I thought.

A Surfeit of Tarrants (Blake's 7) - Vila runs into an unexpected Tarrant. Written for trope_bingo, the trope mentioned in the end notes.

Mistress for a Million (Blake's 7) - for a Mills and Boon challenge with the summary: "For one million dollars: mistress at his mercy! Jobless, homeless, and penniless, Soolin seeks a new contract - all good offers accepted. Billionaire Del Kline seeks beautiful woman for business contract on the luxury planet of Gardenos. Terms: mistress for a month. Salary: one million credits. Training will be given." It's gen despite the summary. :-)

A Matter of Time (Blake's 7) - Vila has a weird device and he's going to use it. Another trope_bingo one, trope in the end notes.

What to Wear to a Prom (SG-1) - Sam hadn't worn a dress for years and she sure wasn't going to wear one to the prom. Third trope_bingo.

Expert Advice (Once Upon a Time / Blake's 7) - Snow decides that she needs the advice of some rebels to help her and Charming get the kingdom back. Fourth trope_bingo, using the free space on my card.

A Closed Mind (Blake's 7) - Avon is proud of having one. Last trope_bingo.

Guess the Universe! (Blake's 7 / Big Bang Theory) - Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Raj Koothrappali, and geekiness abounds. For a ficathon walks into a bar (intoabar) challenge.

Reunion (Blake's 7 / Harry Potter) - Vila Restal walks into a bar and meets... Draco Malfoy! Another ficathon walks into a bar challenge, this is set post Gauda Prime and about 3 years after Draco's graduation from Hogwarts.

I've also been writing a largish B7 AU ad though the end's in sight, it will have to count for 2014. However, have a bonus from 2012 in honour of new Sherlock:

Electrical Contact (Downton Abbey / Doctor Who / Sherlock) - Something odd is happening at Downton Abbey. Then someone odd turns up. This was inspired by a comic strip, link in the end notes.

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