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The Time of the Doctor

I didn't think this was quite as good as The Day of the Doctor though I admit to some mistiness of the eyes and possibly some hand-holding. It was very moving and closes Eleven's story well, but there was just one massive bugbear which stopped me being entirely happy with it.

I was very sad to say goodbye to Eleven, especially when he'd spent over 300 years in one place which must have been a torture of sorts despite the love of the children, and I'll miss him a lot. He brought back my love of the Doctor after the emo self-pity of Ten. I'm happy wait and to see what Capaldi does though; I love that all the Doctors have been so very different.


The one thing that bugged me was the village of Christmas. Why? Why did it even exist? Why would it be named after a festival (and not just a winter one either, remember - and Google damn' well should have too) from a planet on the outer edge of the galaxy? Was it created as a trap for the Doctor because he had a special love for the planet and the festival; if so I'd have liked to know more. Where did the people come from, and why did they have to tell the truth. How, for that matter did such a small gene pool survive, and without sunlight? Couldn't it have just been innocent Trenzalore natives the Doctor had to protect without any cultural baggage?

As for the planet, OK, I can believe that Trenzalore rotates very slowly on a second axis so that one pole almost exactly faces the sun throughout its orbit (as the moon turns the same face to us) so that there are only a few minutes of sunlight - after all, the place must have been created. I'd have liked an explanation for the existence of the planet and the one village; was there one that I missed? The fact remains that I was bothered by these nitpicks while watching, whereas I wasn't with The Day of the Doctor.

How, come to think of it, did the Doctor promise to never send Clara away again, then do it, in a truth field?

BTW is the Church the same as the one in the The Time of Angels, but from a different era? It looked fairly militant. I liked Tasha and how she fought being a Dalek puppet.

Good things

Clara, lovely, faithful Clara with her determination to be with the Doctor and her readiness to die, and her demanding that the Time Lords help the Doctor - a perfect solution to the whole regeneration problem. And Amy saying goodbye too, and when Eleven dropped his bowtie, ahhhh. And who knew I'd be affected by the death of a Cyberman's head?

It's just that I could have done without the snow-globe English village.

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