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Season's Greetings!

Have a great Christmas, New Year, and summer or winter break as the case may be!

This is a bit late since it's already the 24th here, but here's my card.

summer tree

It shows the Liberator orbiting a gas giant on our tree, and the first lights we've ever had. As it's pretty much the longest day here, lights don't get much of a chance, but how could I resist pohutukawa-blossom led lights?

I regard all the non-religious trappings of Christmas a a celebration of the season, summer or winter - hence the frame with jandals - so I do wonder why there are still people here pretending it's midwinter with their decorations and cards.

In fact here's a bonus: the other lights I bought and put along the window sill because they're so wonderfully retro-summer-holiday.

Summer-holiday lights

There are little 50s-style caravans, tomato sauce bottles, pohutukawa blossoms, and jandals/thongs/flip-flops though they all seem to be obscured.

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