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Cool links

Brrrr. It's gone from hot and muggy summer back to early spring: wet and cold.

Anyway, here are a couple of links I liked which are a different sort of cool.

This guy colours in his kids' drawings while on business flights. It's amazing what he can do with them. I'd love to see more.

And here are the 12 types of Doctor Who fan. I'm not so certain about this one. I don't recognise the first type, but number 2 and 3, the Tennant and Smith fans, made me laugh. As for the fanfic writer, I wouldn't be surprised if there are several stories like that out there. But what have people got against Martha Jones? I know I'm missing out on the Capaldi sweary jokes because I've never seen The Thick of It.

Finally, building guides for Lego tree ornaments; scroll down a little for the SF ones which include a TARDIS, Death Star, Millennium Falcon, and tie fighter. Click on them to see the building guides if you're likely to have the Lego to make one. :-)

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