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Downton Abbey speculation

First up, I should say that I haven't seen the latest ep; that'll be tonight.

I really thought I'd posted about this but it must have been in a comment as I can't find it. A while back I pointed out that Julian Fellowes has a worrying attitude to pregnancy. (I'm squicked by it myself but have no desire to punish characters for it.) At the time we'd had a miscarriage, the death of a mother and a father, and I said that if Edith knew what was good for her, she'd be very, very careful.

I suspected she was pregnant when she went to the London clinic. Sigh. So what's in store for her now? Death through abortion? I don't trust Fellowes to give her a happy outcome here, and I'm not sure what other options are open to her in that era other than hiding in a private clinic till the birth, then a secret adoption.

Before that I was wondering whether she and Michael would get mixed up in rising German (and British) fascism, either being seduced by it or opposing it. I still hope Edith still gets the chance of the interesting life she deserves, but I'm not holding my breath.

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