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Recently I went through a stage of reading long Harry Potter fics recommended by a couple of people. Some were very good, some were so infected with runaway epithets* that I bailed, and some were distractingly lippy.

Both Harry and Hermione chew and gnaw at their lower lips about once every couple of pages (OK, screens) and Hermione is also unnervingly prone to folding hers. What on earth is lip folding? The most folds anyone can do is in half by squeezing with fingers at the corners of the mouth, but I suspect they mean she compresses her lips or do they mean pursing with lots of tiny folds? Are lip chewing, gnawing, biting, and folding Harry Potter fanfic tropes? [is puzzled and intrigued]

And while we're on the subject of lippy strangeness, Bujold has Miles ripple his fairly frequently. Huh? I imagine waves traversing them, like Barney's burps in The Simpsons but. Is he pursing them? Doing something else like duck-face?

* Seriously, perps? Epithets are not just annoying, they're confusing as well when the reader is left wondering if a new character has been introduced by prose like this:
Harry said hello to Hermione and sat down by the head girl. (It took me a while to figure out there was only one girl there.)

Note: Luna doesn't fold, spindle, or mutilate her lips (as far as I know) but she's the only HP icon I have. Sorry, Luna.

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