Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Sebastian is 3

Sebastian turned 3 last week (going by a guessed birth date) so here are some pics of him taken over the last year. Like most black cats I've known, he's very sweet-natured and loving.

It's not that easy getting photos of a black cat and some of these were taken at night and consequently a bit grainy.

Stretching in a snuggler.

On the deck.

Sitting on the CD/DVD shelves with all his paws lined up. He and Jasmin use this spot as a way to get into human cuddle range.

"Come here and rub my tummy!"

In winter I keep a bag of scarves and fingerless mitts downstairs. One day I came in and flung my scarf in the bag and thought I saw it move. I assumed it was a trick of the light till a black head emerged.

The most recent one: Sebastian on the cat tree. All three like to lie on the platform (singly, not all together) when I'm reading in the armchair beside it. :-)

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Tags: cats, photos, sebastian
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