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Another catchup

Once again I've been slack posting, so here's various news.

Ashley's crystals have gone so now she, well, all of them, are on maintenance bladder-health biscuits which are in my opinion far too palatable as Ashley went right off her wet food. However a couple of weeks later she's eating it with her old gusto which is good as they get a lot of water that way and it's far better for them. She knew I was writing about her as she's just come and squeaked at me. :-)

It is spring and the weather is glorious after a very windy week, almost summer-like. The hammock's up, there's washing on the line, and I can hear a distant lawn-mower through all the open doors, the sound of a lazy Sunday.

We saw Planes last week, and because we booked online were given a free toy. I have El Chupacabra, a favourite character. Very cute film, esp for someone who pretended to be a plane (a Spitfire to be exact) as a kid, referring to arms and fingers as wings and ailerons, and coming in for a perfect three-point landing at mealtimes.

And last night at the late showing we saw Gravity. On the biggest screen in the southern hemisphere. Wow. Absolutely stunning graphics and a gripping story. It deserved its 5 stars in spades and we both had Gravity dreams all night.

And Sebastian turned 3 this week. I will do a special picspam in his honour but that will be later as I'm going to read in the hammock now.

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