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Jasmin is 5

Jasmin turned 5 last month. Yes, I've been slack about posting for a while now, but it occurs to me that failing to do so because there's hardly anyone around any more just adds to the problem.

So here are a few photos of Jasmin from her last year.


Funnelhead! You might remember she suffered the indignity of an Elizabethan collar in summer when she got an abscess on her cheek. We named her Little Funnelhead for the duration. We weren't supposed to let her out but she got supervised outside time on a leash.

To make it up to her (and for all three of them) I got a cat climbing tree. Here's little Funnelhead on top of it.

Free of the funnel and in it though generally all three prefer the top perch.

Reclining regally on cushions. These last photos aren't very good quality as they were all taken at night.

What did she get for her birthday besides the usual human-grade tuna, you ask? A box! Mighty Ape incidentally is the local ThinkGeek.

Someone else has taken it over however. I had to lighten this photo quite a lot to get more than a featureless ball of blackness. The box is still here, bowed out a little from use, and Sebastian's still the usual inhabitant.

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