Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Catch-up (yet again)

I have been driven in here by a sense of duty because I haven't posted for so long. I was even more then two weeks behind on LJ and DW which means posts fell off the end of my flist.


Anyway, first I went on that 3-day course which was heaps of fun, very interesting, and exhausting, then promptly went to Christchurch for a Greg's family reunion which involved a limousine packed with far too many of his sibs and partners plus champagne, formal photos, and a dinner at a vegetarian / fish restaurant that would be my new favourite if I lived down there (Dux Dine for those who do). Even the complaining brother-in-law liked it. In fact we went for breakfast there the next day and I had an excellent huevos rancheros. I have also discovered that one of Greg's sisters is known to her sibs as HRH, the Anointed One, and the Chosen One, and her spoiled (but rather sweet) little boy is Prince Ari. Apparently people said in her yearbook that she was going into haughty-culture. [sniggers] I can so see all of that. I get on well with her, but it took her a couple of years to accept me.

I took Monday off after I got back and I really needed it as I was socialised out - just me, the cats, the Kindle, ahhh. This did not help with all the work that had pied up during the course so I've been too tired to post or write and last weekend just did the vege out with books thing. Plus it's damned cold in here where my puter is, but tonight I managed to heat it up to 17C so my feet aren't achy blocks of ice.

I still suspect I'm not going to get much writing done tonight, and I had planned hoped to finish the big AU I've been working on before the end of this month.

Right, I'll see if I can squeeze some fic out.

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