Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Various things

picowrimo has started and I haven't; look, it's a long weekend here and besides I haven't worked out what I'm doing with the B7/Big Bang Theory crossover I'm supposed to be writing. Yes, I am slack.

I twisted my right foot over on its side in the mall carpark on Thursday and it was so painful I had to go for x-rays. I'd chipped a piece off a bone on the outside of the foot and they said I'd be more comfortable wearing a moon-boot but I turned that down. It felt much better the next day anyway, and I'm walking normally on it now with only slight twinges now and then.

We watched two Endeavours in two nights, and very good they were. Young Morse has his geeky charm but we've rather fallen for his immediate boss Fred Thursday who's played by Roger Allam (smooth-voiced Douglas in Cabin Pressure.

OK, I'm off to bed to read my Kindle (The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack; yay!). I love my Kindle. It's so easy to read in bed (or in emergency waiting rooms) and I can acquire most of the books I want that the library system doesn't have.
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