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Banking on it

I'm unemployed and bored and depressed and it's raining as usual, so to cheer me and astrogirl2 up, here's another drabble salvo in the Vila vs Tarrant pun war.


Banking on It

"Know where you went wrong, Avon?" Vila said

"Do tell."

"Hitting the state system. I'd've gone for a nice soft little merchant bank myself."

"Yes, well. You never had much ambition."

Vila ignored that. "Keller Interstellar Finance was always an easy mark," he said nostalgically.

"Here!" Tarrant's amusement changed to outrage. "My cousin worked there!"

"Oh? First cousin? On your father's side?"

Tarrant looked puzzled. "Yes, Vila. Why?"

"Deal with customers?"

"Yes, she did."

Vila's face lit up with sheer delight. "She go in for Sicilian folk-dancing?"

Tarrant stared and Avon grinned with anticipation.

Vila looked innocent. "A Tarrant teller."

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