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Nightmare in Silver

When I saw the trailer for this week's ep, I thought, "Oh no, not sodding Cybermen again."

But that was so much fun! I guessed Porridge was the Emperor very early on - he looked like the statue, he was missing, he had a certain authority. I would love to see him again. (Not that even ruling one galaxy would be possible, but hey!)

The Doctor playing himself and shifting between being himself and the cyberplanet [Edit] cyberplanner]* was excellent, and I liked all the soldiers in the platoon too.

Clara really took charge of that platoon as if she was used to authority; I wonder if she can somehow access other versions of herself whether she realises it or not.

Favourite quote: "But you signed for it!"

* I clearly don't know enough old DW.

And yay, more Vastra, Jenny, and Strax next week! And perhaps River Song?

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