Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Nickname game

snowgrouse had an idea for a game: Names Crichton Would Give To Characters From Other Fandoms. So here are some Blake's 7 ones.

Blake: Che, rebel with a cause (snowgrouse suggests Starsky, and rebel without a clue--hee!)
Vila: cracker-jack, artful dodger, unsafe at any speed, Bilko, puppy-dog eyes
Jenna: barbie doll, blondie, stilettos
Avon: rebel tech-boy, leather-geek, snarky-features, Concorde, fancy-pants, Puss-in-Boots
Gan: the Hulk, Bigfoot
Cally: satellite dish, teep, little miss mystic
Servalan: Grayza with taste, Cruella de Vil
Travis: Servie's tame rottweiler, Hymie
Dayna: bomb-shell, WMD
Tarrant: long drink of water, Q-tip
Soolin: ice-maiden, hairdo-of-the-day
Jarriere: Brillo-pad

And from snowgrouse, Bercol and Rontane: Stan and Ollie

Og: yeti, horny, hairball (kalypso_v suggests walking carpet - eeeeexcellent!)

Tags: blake's 7, farscape
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