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I had a great birthday which started early when I went to the airport to pick Greg up, continued through breakfast and coffee at Stonebake, and ended with a yummy dinner at Satya, a wonderful southern Indian restaurant which has become one of my favourites during the last year. See their entrée (starter) menu (sound warning); I could just have a selection of those and forget the mains! I also had a pina colada and a sweet lassi. Mmm-mmm!

I already got my present a week ago, a Kindle Paperwhite which I've loaded with some SF books I can't get through the library here. At last, easily portable reading for lunch hours and when I have to wait around, e.g. at the airport yesterday morning.

[Edit] And thank you to [personal profile] kalypso for her card which arrived on Friday, and jomacmouse for the party balloons!
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