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Mostly good things!

Greg is in Christchurch yet again so I can't watch the latest DW or OUaT because he likes them too. He went down last week to arrange buying his mother a house with the money she got from the government for her Red Zone house which will be demolished, and this week he's helping to move her in. She lived in the old house (built new for her) for over 50 years, Greg was born from it as the almost-youngest of 6 children, and she really didn't want to go. They're going to try to set up all her furniture the same way, and will take her curtains and even some of her garden to the new place.

I'm a bit envious, really. It's only 10 years old and has double glazing! That's really rare here; it'll be so easy and cheap to cool and heat. I'm sure that she'll be very happy there once she's settled in. OK, the River Avon (yep!) isn't just over the street, but a park is, and she'll have neighbours; she was about the only person left in her old suburb.

He comes back on my birthday which means an early-morning trip to the airport, but not as early as yesterday (Sunday) - 5am! In the meantime I already have my present: a Kindle Paperwhite. :-D At last I'll be able to read all the books the library doesn't have.

Other good things:

  • I found (and bought) Quorn in New World supermarkets. Until recently you couldn't get it here at all.
  • I think the organic shop near work sells kale - something else you can't normally buy as they feed it to stock. Why? What about us, eh?
  • Mighty Ape (the local version of ThinkGeek) has Farscape graphic novels and I now possess three of them. Yeah, long after everyone else.
  • I'm driving Greg's new (to him) hybrid Insight while he's away and it's an absolute delight.
  • I can finally catch up on Leverage and other shows (not many) that Greg doesn't like.

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