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I did actually do some more writing in the weekend but then I worked till 10:30 last night (another international webinar which had a few technical glitches like the internet connection when it was about to start (I rebooted the router), a German participant being unable to connect (she managed on another computer) and my colleague's mike not working (luckily mine picked up everything she said) but oy.

So tonight I just watched OUaT (of course!) and QI and tried to catch up with the interwebs (and failed).

Anyway. In the weekend we went to test-drive a Jazz but Greg decided to buy the long-lusted-after hybrid, an Insight. I have to say it's an amazing car with an info-rich dash that makes mine look barren, lots of cool features, and about a third the fuel consumption. OK, the newest Jazzes are hybrids too but very few people here can afford new cars; they're a major item here, after a house. It's a very cool blue too, called cerulean, a definite change from the all-too-common silver.

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