Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Marmageddon is over! (and other stuff)

Yes, Marmageddon (as they named it) is over! Marmite returned to the supermarket shelved last night and went on sale today - [personal profile] daiseechain, rejoice! Countdown offered a free jar to anyone who spent more than $50 there today, but we had a large almost full jar when production stopped over a year ago and still have some left. I thought I'd let the deprived addicts at it.

I've actually managed to write a trope story but haven't posted it yet because I'm so terribly behind and haven't yet done the Pasifika or the funnel-headed cat one. I'm finding it hard enough just staying up with reading, let alone commenting and actually posting. I've even thought up a couple more; I'll have to get them down and also make a start on the [community profile] unconventionalcourtship one. [worries]

Thank you everyone for the kind comments about the accident. You guys are great! The car has been written off (so sad; it was a great car) but Greg's planning on getting a newer one, probably a Jazz (a Fit in the US). Some people asked about the old guy who was driving the vintage Cadillac. He was still in the ambulance when we left because his blood pressure was up, but he wasn't injured, just shocked (as were we). He rang Greg up this week and was terribly apologetic. The Caddy was a 1979 model he had 'classic car insurance' for meaning that it was only meant to be driven occasionally and he usually only took it out on weekends and to car shows. He almost didn't last Saturday because of the rain; I wish he'd decided not to. As I had also suspected, it was a left-hand drive car which would have made it even harder in those conditions when it fish-tailed (since we drive on the left here). Greg was very kind and said to him not to worry about it, things sometimes just go wrong. Ah well, if it hadn't been us he'd hit with that solid car, it might have been worse for someone else, who knows.

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