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It's hardly rained this year. but it did today (and it's greatly needed). However Greg and I were over on the North Shore taking the bicycle he's had for a month back for an adjustment (which is often needed) when it started raining fairly heavily. We were driving down a hill and I was about to say that the road would be really slippery after such a long draught when BANG!

An old guy in a Cadillac coming the other way had oversteered coming round the corner, lost control, crossed the road, hit us on the driver side, and spun us round so we were on the other side of the road facing uphill. I thought someone else would hit us but the people behind the old chap acted quickly and drove between us--and were kind enough to stay till the police arrived and act as witnesses. There was also an ambulance though Greg and I were just shaken; the old guy was still in it when we left. His big heavy car was hardly damaged--just a slightly damaged bumper, not even a light broken--but he was pretty shocked. He also admitted losing control and we both have the same insurance company so that's good, but...

The whole driver's side of Greg's car is smashed in and the window shattered, putting glass right over on my side; though I didn't feel any hitting me, it must have. I'm grateful modern glass shatters into little bits rather than shards. So that's the second car Greg's had written off (as I suspect this one is) after someone else ran into him. I'm not sure he's going to replace it yet, probably continuing to bike to work, which he's been doing, or taking a bus.

Anyway the tow guy dropped us and the bike off at the cycle place and I tested a couple of cycles there though I was still feeing a bit shaky. I'm meant to get tax back next month so I may order one then, a smaller one than the model Greg has, then I can bike to work too, buses not being an option.

Then we got a taxi back, driven by a very nice Macedonian guy who used to be in IT; Greg and he had a great East European convo.

Man, I still feel a bit odd. It was all so sudden.

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