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Stuff and stuffed up

Well, crap.

This summer is still amazing - hot, dry, sunny days - which everyone but the farmers is enjoying, but I've got a cold, dammit. Greg is away in Christchurch and I thought I might use a free evening for writing, but my brain is too gummed up (along with the rest of my head). I'm sloping off to bed soon. The Pasifika festival is this weekend but I doubt I'll feel well enough to go. :-(

I haven't posted photos of the funnelheaded Burmese cat or the Pacific showcase we went to a couple of weeks ago, nor have I written any of the stories I signed up for. There aren't enough hours in the business day to cope with all the work and when I come home, usually an hour or more late, I just want a little time to myself to read before having to make dinner and watch stuff. This introvert is seriously short of alone-time. So I squandered what I got tonight.

I do actually have some story ideas but I can't cope with the effort of writing them these days. I was also going to talk about the book I'm ploughing through but, yeah, that didn't happen either.

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