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I have photos to upload and post but haven't got round to them yet as if I'm not out doing stuff like picking up library books, new mattresses*, and having a delicious Mexican brunch, I'm veging out in the hammock or armchair with a book. Jasmin was released from her plastic funnel a couple of weeks ago (there are photos of her to come) and has healed extremely well and is back to her bouncy self.

* The innersprung mattresses, bought on TradeMe from an importer, are for the new wooden-slat spare beds and were vacuum-packed to a disconcerting couple of inches in thickness; I cut the packaging back home and FOOF! they expanded to their proper size most impressively.

This summer has been amazing: hot and dry and fine. It's hardly rained for about 6 weeks and that's incredible for Auckland, the city with no river. Everything's a bit brown but I'm enjoying actually having a summer after last year's no-show.

Here, have a pic of the Auckland Museum lit up with rainbow colours for Gay Pride week.

And here's Brian Blessed in his first ad in a planned series for the ASB (a bank) telling us not to be so retiring and awkwardly non-committal about success.

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