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Jasmin update

Thank you all for your lovely sympathetic comments.

I got Jasmin after work, poor little thing. She has a drain in the abscess and of course the dreaded Elizabethan collar, and when I released her from the Sleepypod, she leapt and backed around the room trying to get away from it. It was both funny and very sad. The swelling's right down though and she looks relatively normal now except for the period outfit. ;-) She's certainly feeling well enough to have got up on shelves and knocked things off.

Ah, but such good timing, Jaz! It's a really hot long weekend and we can't have windows open more than a crack unless she gets out, and we only have aircon on the bottom level (this place has four staggered levels).

She's now locked in the top level (main bedroom, two bathrooms) and I'll sleep in the spare room allowing the other two cats night-time cuddles and free run of the rest of the place including the now-unlocked cat door.

So much for a relaxed three days, and I was really looking forward to it. Oh well, it's good from Jasmin's POV that we'll be here.

Enjoy your weekend, all of you!

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