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Poorly Jasmin

Yesterday morning I noticed that Jasmin looked as if she had one mump: a larger left cheek. I felt it and there was indeed a lump under the fur so I rang the vet immediately but the first appointment they had was this morning. When we got home last night the abscess had opened and she was curled up among the books looking miserable (see icon). It was obviously a cat-fight; several other cats invade our garden. I wish we'd been able to get her in; it looked worse this morning and they've kept her in for the day to drain it. I'm picking her up tonight and she'll have an Elizabethan collar and will have to be kept inside.

It's lucky it's a long weekend as we'll be around for three days (though previously cats have often waited till the vet was shut for a holiday before getting ill). It still won't be easy at night as none of the cats are used to being locked in and having to use litter. We can let Ashley and Sebastian in and out during the day, but maybe we'll have to lock them out of the top level at night. Last time I tried to get them used to being in at night, Sebastian crapped on the carpet rather than use the litter, even though he did so for his first 9 months. [rolls eyes] Maybe I'll sleep in the spare room so the other two have company.

Poor little Jasmin. She's a "terrified trembler" at the vet and burrows desperately into me (they all do) and I felt mean leaving her there. She'll have lots of attention this weekend though.

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