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The Hobbit review

I know I said I was going to post a review the next day, but I've been either busy or tired (though not the next day) what with the time of year, the heat, Greg's company's end-of-year party (not bad, and air-conditioned quite effectively by having a whole side open to the sea) and a lot of stuff I have to do for work before I finish next Friday for two weeks. Our office incidentally, being small and in a converted house, has no aircon. I shall have to take a fan in, and a refill for the automatic insect squirty thing.

First up, I will tell you that the film doesn't feel like three hours; I was left wanting more and wishing I didn't have to wait for a whole year, but it did end at a very satisfying point. I can't tell you about 3D as Greg only has one eye so I've never seen it but there are scenes that it would be pretty damned spectacular in.

Martin Freeman is of course adorable as Bilbo, often looking very Vila-like (see icon). The beginning is a flash-forward and ties in beautifully with LOTR, and once the action gets going it hardly lets up. I'll be going to see it again to catch all the stuff I probably missed. As well as excitement and excellent acting from all, there's a lot of laugh-out-loud humour, and I loved how the dwarves were shown to be very individual.

There ya go: no spoilers (though surely everyone knows the story by now) but an unreserved recommendation. Go see it and be hugely entertained!

Oh and there's a hedgehog called Sebastian. I don't know why.

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