Nico (vilakins) wrote,

November and picowrimo!

I didn't apply for the one job still available where I was working because a colleague had five years experience, it wasn't a pleasant environment they'd moved us to (physically or people-wise) and it was doing three people's work--and she now wishes she'd taken redundancy; she's looking for other work too. The merger we all suspected went through last week and 54 more people have gone from both companies, including my lovely former manager.

Anyway, they said I didn't have to work my time out, presumably because I was the only one who didn't apply and they (rightly) considered me disaffected. So I left three weeks ago on full pay and got a four-week contract last week--so I'm being paid for two jobs at once. Hey, I might need that if I don't get another for a while. I did have an interview today which I thought went well.

I spent all of last week frantically learning all I have to do for the next three when I cover for a production analyst on holiday and was more then slightly distracted so when November hit, it, well, sort of missed me.

Because it's picowrimo month! Picowrimo is great because people set their own writing goals and everyone's so encouraging. These days I need something like that to get me to write and I'm hoping I'll finish off my WIP during this one. If you need a more compact alternative to nanowrimo, do come along and join us!

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