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Final straw

Once again LJ shoots itself in the foot with its ghastly new friends page. You can see it in all its hideousness if you click on "switch to the new one" in the pale blue bar at the top; you can switch right back, and I expect you will. If that goes live as is without allowing opt-out or customisation, I will not be reading anyone on LJ. Unless, as kerravonsen says, someone can rec a good RSS feed reader that's pleasant to look at and maybe even customisable? This latest utter crap is a deal-breaker.

Depending on who stays on the sinking ship, I may have to move my comms or hand them over to someone else.

I've added everyone I know about on DW to my subscription lists and hope they'll be posting or crossposting there. If you're there and I'm not subscribed, let me know.

Also posted on Dreamwidth, with comment count unavailable comments.

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