Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Things I've been meaning to post: #1 in a series

Tomorrow (the 26th) at 9:26am the whole country is meant to do The Big Shakeout to practise for an earthquake. The slogan is "drop, cover, and hold": get down, crawl underneath a piece of furniture, cover your head, and hold on to the furniture. I won't be at work, but if I were I wouldn't be able to resist singing Duck and Cover, the 50s song by Bert the Turtle which was meant to make people think they had a chance in a nuclear war. I originally came across this scary little gem in the film The Atomic Cafe which is blackly funny and worth a watch if you come across it.

Earthquakes are easier to survive, but we don't actually have anything to go under at home, both our tables being glass-topped and a potential source of very sharp glittering daggers, our bed having wooden slats that probably aren't roof-bearing, the spare beds too low to get under, and this computer desk has shelves that would stop me getting in very far. Eh, if a Big One happens, I'll cower in a doorway and cling to the jamb, which is what I used to do in Wellington when a worrying one hit.

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