Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Drabble: A Matter of Gravity

And here's the other one for b7friday's humour challenge, a bonus entry because I took up astrogirl2's challenge here to write a drabble with one of her first lines. The line I chose was "Blake was floating".

A Matter of Gravity

Blake was floating. His huge sleeves billowed around him, lending him the look of a small untethered zeppelin. Avon twisted in mid-air, attempting to capture a spoonful of ice-cream heading Blake's way like a piece of flak. Cally hung upside-down, her arms folded and her face patient. Gan was stuck to the magnetic notice-board by his implant, and losing his equanimity.

They all looked at each other.


In the cargo bay, Vila and Jenna swooped gracefully on their gossamer wings and landed gently and regretfully.

"Just a test," Jenna said over the comms. "Switching gravity back on now."

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