Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Welcome back internet!

I missed you when you were gone for two whole days. [hugs tightly] Apparently someone dug up fibre and took out this part of town. [rolls eyes] BUT YOU'RE BACK!

It's not easy to catch up at work as we're temporarily sitting in a very exposed area, basically a public thoroughfare, while waiting for our new desks to arrive. We were told three weeks but it's more likely to be six. Sigh. Yeah, way to make your employees feel wanted: tell them they're moving with 1 week's notice and order the office furniture at the same time when management knew two months before and that's pretty much the lead time.

I'm considering a sign under my name saying "chopped liver" but maybe "at lunch" or "having a break" would be more useful to explain the non-work window that, you know, might be open at those times.

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